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Hello My Darlings!

Exciting news for the AB Nursery! ! I have found some fantastic patterns to make some cute blankies and nappy covers!! Mind you they are for going over your plastic pants but they are too cute! I also have some bib patterns!! I’m just so excited. I want to have a full AB Nursery of goodies for my special babies.

I was with Crinklebutt in the Chat Room this morning and he told me about a place you can get a free diaper sample too!!  If you are still trying out different brands, never hurts to get some free.  When I am done here, I have to help him find his bottle cause he lost it.  I bet its in with his toys.

Baby Zan went to visit a Nanny in his area and showed me lots of pictures.  He looked like he was having so much fun.  He played with a large stuffed Panda and Bear, got to have chocolate cake (which he got all over his face and earned him a spanking) and nap time too!  He was sooo adorable.   One day, I would like to have a place for my babies to come and play too.

Mommy got her twitter account up and running too!  Come follow me and lets have some fun.  Until then, I have to do a few thing but will talk to you all soon!


Loves you lots,

Mommy Sydney

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