ADBL Babysitter Contest!!

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ABDL Phone SexBeing a single mom with all my babies requires me to find some help and much needed occasional relief, so I’m searching for the best AB Sitters in the bar. Baby Zan’s dad is not cooperative and wants a say on who mommy will hire (after all, he wants to know if he can take advantage of the girl…) LOL
You will have to submit your resume in a form of a blog, about your specialties in a role play situation with an ABDL.

Resumes’ will be posted on the Nursery page *insert link to the nursery page here* and the ABDL folk can comment and vote for their favorite blogs.

The only requirement of the blog is that it has to be well written and corrected for any word missing.  No minimal number of words, no maximum. Keep it sexy, kinky and most of all be truthful to yourself.

The Phone Sex Bar girls can ask around for advice and Mommy can help too by providing info about her ABDL’s

1st place wins 50 $
2nd place wins 30 $
3rd place wins 20 $

First place also wins a 30 min call with Baby Zan.

Blogs will be rated on originality (possible 2 points), sexiness (possible 3 points) and kink associated with the personality of the PSO ( possible 5 points)

Mommy will give out 5, 3 and 2 points for her 3 favorite blogs and can even participate as a non-competing entry.

Phone Sex bar guests can also participate in the ABDL blogging festival and write to mommy any naughty thoughts or comment on a PSO blog with any ideas they have.

Only requirement by the guest is to be respectful, friendly and nonjudgmental in their comments.

Baby Zan’s dad will also give out 5, 3 and 2 points for his 3 favorite blogs.

1 point will be added per comment on any blog by an ABDL.

3 highest point earner’s will be the winners.

1 Entry per Pso girl – Contest will have to end in a week as Baby Zan’s dad will be leaving and would like to know who will take care of his boy.

This contest is being sponsored by Zan himself so good luck to all!!

Mommy Sydney

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