Adult Babies Galore and more to come!

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Adult Babies and ABDL phone sex

Adult Babies and ABDL phone sexRecently, more Adult Babies have been coming into our chat room on The Phone Sex Bar. It’s getting to the point I have created a secondary chat room off that one called “The Nursery” so I can have my babies all to myself and the little sweeties will not over-take the adults! So let me see, Crinkle butt and Alex, Baby Zan and Wolfie, Frilly, Baby Dennis, and Baby Phil; everyone of one of you are so adorable!

Now so far, only Dennis seems to run amuk but he is only 2 and learning. The other day he pushed buttons so hard, he was put up for sale on Ebay!! Of course mommy would never do that for real but it scared him enough to be a good boy for an hour. LOL. I can’t help it, he cracks me up with his antics but really pisses everyone else off. He has got to be better behaved or else I have to bring out the paddle!!

Sometimes I sit and wonder what it is about all of you that makes me smile so much. Each of you have a unique vision of what being an Adult Baby is and you become that so perfectly. I suppose mothering comes more naturally to me than I thought. ~laughs~ Perhaps you should come and let me take care of you too!

I just love having fund with my little ones!

Mommy Sydney

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