Baby Dennis

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Now…lets talk about Baby Dennis. I know most of you are too young to read but there is a reference from Hamlet that says “methinks the Lady doth protest too much”. Well lil dennis is like that too. He says no no no..don’t tell, don’t expose me, don’t make me wear these diapers, etc. Truth is he is loves being exposed and when he is, he pee pee’s his diapers more!.

He came to our Phone Sex Chat room last week. He has toddled about trying to get everyone’s attention with his antics. He is quick to deny his need to be a Baby but clearly he is and now he pays with his piggy account for his behavior. He loves his lil piggy. Dennis also loves when mommy dresses up pretty and is constantly tugging at my dress.

Now he is a very needy boy. Always trying to get someone to pay attention. He is a diaper wetting pissy baby. He is my lil mister and master escape artist. Mommy can’t keep him in a bed or play pen without him getting out and running off. One of these days mommy might have to shackle him just to keep him close…LOL.

Anyway, there you have it, all my newest additions to my Nursery and I will update again soon1!!

Hugs and Kisses,

Mommy Sydney

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