Baby Zan’s Bedtime Story

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When I call Mommy Sydney, it’s for a “tuck me in for the night phone sex call”. *Giggles*  I like it when Mommy picks me up and tells me in her caring voice that I should be in bed and that she needs to change my diaper to be sure I get a good night sleep.  Instead of the quick diaper change on the diaper changing table, she takes me to her room and lays me on my back on her king size bed.  It’s a giant playground for me! I think she likes it when she changes me on her bed, ‘cause everything she needs to change me is right there!!

Mommy is sooo good to me!  She always kisses me and then I just go gaga and let go of everything, just listening to her voice.  I let her  un-tape my wet diaper and when she removes it, I like to hold on my footsies; last time I turned on my front side and gave mommy a hard time by crawling naked on her bed, she grabbed my ankles and slid me back on a new diaper.  That was fun ! *Giggles*

 I needed to be calmed down so she gave me my paci and told me to be a good boy while she lovingly put baby oil in her hand and started to rub my naked body with it.  Mmmmmmmmmm I get so excited that my little pee-pee was no longer little and that’s when Mommy expertly knew just how to stroke it  before putting it in her ohh sooo hot mouth; her lips sensuously kissing my baby rod so that she wouldn’t waste any of my baby juice that would squirt out.  Squirming in ecstasy, sucking hard on my paci, I start fussing, mommy juice, mommy juice.  That’s when I get rewarded by crawling between her gorgeous legs and get to suck on her excited and exposed clitoris.

My mouth, my tongue each taking turns on her clit and vagina lips while I touch mommy’s love hole very erotically bringing mommy closer and closer to 7th heaven, tenderly suckling while her mommy juices start flooding my mouth, I lap it all in, then she lets go, her body trembling from the sexual pleasures that her baby boy provided; her mommy juice overflowing on my face.

I try to drink it all in…mmmmmmmmmmm next thing I know I’m in a super tender embrace, bonding with my mommy; completely relax and fulfilled she puts me in a fresh diaper, puts lot of baby powder on my tushie and my crotch area.  She says that I smell so good that she would just eat me up *giggles*.  She cuddles me in my favourite blankey and takes me up to her breast, sometimes I get to drink some of mommy’s milk and sometimes I just drift off to sleep and wake up in my crib with Wolfie guarding me.

Mommy Sydney always takes very good care of me, I am sure she will take good care of you too…

Baby Zan & Wolfie

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