Diaper Baby Teeny Timmy

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Diaper Baby Teeny Timmy and his Mommy time

Did I ever mention that I love my diaper babies? So sweet and adorable~ But they certainly keep Mommy Sydney busy!!

Just today I received a call from the most darling little thing~

Teeny Timmy is my new diaper baby. He’s too shy to toddle around the chat room with the other sissy babies, but good god does he get fussy when he wants to suck on mommy’s titties!

“Why are you called Teeny Timmy?” I asked him.

With a huge grin he responded, “Because I got a teeny weeny, mama!”

So cute~ I had to see his teeny weeny myself. I laid him out on the bed for a diaper change…

“Oh my god! Your dick is the size of a Tictac!”

Embarrassed and turned on, Timmy’s Tictac stood up to say hello to Mommy. As I cleaned him with a wet wipe, his baby erection grew. Well, as much as it could for such a small thing. ~giggles~ I lifted his feet into the air to wipe his round ass clean too. Powder and a new diaper, and Timmy was all nice and clean.

“Good boy~”

Timmy’s eyes were fixed on my breasts. He crawled on the bed to give me a big hug, and not-so-subtly buried his face in my cleavage. I swatted his padded ass firmly.

“Ah-ah!” I chastised him. “No dinner until you’re dressed.”

Teeny Timmy scooted off the bed and rummaged through his dresser, producing a Pikachu onesie of all things! He sucked his thumb as he dragged it back to me by its sleeve.

He was so adorable in his little outfit! I had him toddle around the room to show off for Mommy.

“Mama! Hungry!” He whined. How could I say no to my little Pokemon?

I lifted my camisole over my supple breasts, and unhooked the flap on my nursing bra. Timmy instantly latched on and sucked eagerly on my nipple.

~smiles~ I love my mommy moments. Don’t forget to visit Mommy Sydney at the Phone Sex Bar so I can share mommy moments with all of my Diaper Babies ~


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