Infantilism and Humiliation

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Infantilism and Humiliation with Sissy Baby Ty

Ty's hopesI have been talking to Sissy Baby Ty for quite some time and he finally called. Seems Ty has some procrastination issues and Mommy just isn’t pleased with that. So I called Daddy Mark and told him what was going on. Fussy baby Ty was in for a lesson. Before Mark came over, Ty told me about his adoration for his Daddy but because of his attitude, Mommy had to spank him pretty good to make him comply.

After that, Daddy Mark arrived and we decided to dress Ty up like the sissy baby he is and take him to the Mall. Paci in his mouth, each of us taking one of his hands to walk him from store to store. Finally we stopped at the baby store and had to get him fitted for some new sissy clothes. After all, if you are going to whine and act like a sissy, you need to be dressed like one; not to mention his baby needs too!

People walking by stopped to peek at him and laughed and whispered about how cute he was in his bonnet. Other children pointed and laughed, making fun of him as he his is face in Daddy Mark’s lap. Mark had to pull him back a couple times, calling him a little faggot, before we decided it was best to head home. Once there, Ty really got a lesson on taking care of his Daddy!

Ty crawled over Mark’s lap, wiggling his lil diapered butt in anticipation to be spanked by a stronger hand. He loved when Daddy’s hand landed and made him squirm. The more he squirmed, the louder Mark laughed, calling him a lil sissy faggot. Ty smiled happily, longing to show Daddy how much more he could do…

That is for another time my darlings.

Mommy Sydney

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