Lil Pissy Pants

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Now usually mommy likes to be sensitive to her Lil Darlings but Pissy Pants, aka Tinkerbell, is one of those I spoke about before who needs to be exposed! This particular baby is also known as Diaper Bitch. So gather round and let me tell you about him as he related his story to me. See he is a full time baby who now lives at home with his real mommy. She keeps him in a full nursery setting. He use to be married but now, his ex-wife babysits him sometimes where he becomes the padded joke for her and her boyfriend. ~laughs~

His ex-wife set up a link on a site to out him to everyone. You can peek at Diaper Bitch here. Mommy took some baby pictures too!! I’m going to add them to the baby book but here is one now. ABDL Phone Sex LOL Thumb-sucking lil diaper bitch who is totally under the control of his mommy and ex-wife. Now he is my lil pisser too!


Mommy Sydney

  1. I am in my room i am only wearing huggies goodnites pull ups.

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