The Beginning of Frilly

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Goodness!! Mommy has been so distracted and shameful about not posting. Crinkles has been waddling about and keeping me on my toes!!

Anyway, wanted to tell you about this really fun phone sex fantasy I did with Frilly. Frilly is now the cutest 9 month old!! Let me tell you how this happened. See one day I was cleaning and found some ABDL Mags that my husband had hidden. Many were of some cute frilly pink dresses and bonnets. It was clear that he had this desire to become a baby. I decided to help him.

I had a friend who new a friend of a friend and I got my hands on some “potion”. I had doubt it would work but I would try regardless. Frilly (my husband) came home from work and was sooo tired. I fixed him his drink and slipped the ill-begotten potion into it. We went to bed and in the morning, my darling man was now shrunk down to a 9 month baby unable to speak full words. He could think like a man but had no control.

I had made the guest room into a nursery with pretty white curtains with pink trim. The closet was filled with the prettiest pink dresses and bonnets. The little changing table had all the amenities; powder, lotion, wipes, diapers (pink), Desitin@, as well as socks and rumba panties. I picked up my little Frilly and laid him on the table to begin the rest of his transformation. I pulled out the diaper and tickled his tummy before wiping his bum with a cloth. I powdered and took time to add all the necessary ointments; tabbing his diaper before slide on those cute and ruffled bright pink rumba’s. Next was the dress and bonnet and before I knew it, I had the cutest lil baby girl!!

Frilly cooed and giggled her pleasure and I rocked her sweetness in my arms. I could see by her bright blue gaze she was very happy and contented. I was her Mommy now and I was just as pleased to be so.

Frilly and I are beginning a new journey and we are both very pleased. We started with this fantasy to introduce the needs and desires he had. By doing this he has become the sweet baby girl he always dreamed of being. We can only improve from here.



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